Quarantined With A Spouse When Separation Is On The Horizon

Quarantine Divorce Covid-19 Coronavirus Divorce

Dealing with the prospect of a separation & divorce is hard enough, let alone when everyone is under quarantine and forced to break the routines of our daily lives.

Divorce, RRSPs and Buying a New Home

RRSP Divorce Home Buying Plan

Divorce and RRSPs Earlier this month, the Federal Budget updated a Canadian federal tax law that has major implications for family law and divorcing individuals. The Canadian Home Buyer’s Plan, the same plan that allowed first time homebuyers to withdraw from RRSPs to purchase their first home, now allows separating spouses to withdraw from their […]

How To Divorce A Narcissist

divorce narcissistic spouse

Serious difficulties and conflict arise quickly in narcissistic relationships. It’s very easy to fall in love with a narcissist, difficult to live with a narcissist and profoundly painful to leave one. Relationship instability is expected when personality pathology is present and a disproportionate number of narcissists get divorced. Divorcing a narcissist requires a unique personal strategy.

Why you should opt for a common-sense divorce

Why you should opt for a common-sense divorce By Gail Vaz-Oxlade – Published August 10, 2014 Trying to get a divorce? Wondering why it’s taking so long and costing so much? Family courts are backlogged because we’ve been conditioned to believe the divorce process has to be both litigious and expensive. But it doesn’t have […]

Divorce is Expensive, But Don’t Skimp on the Lawyer

Divorce is Expensive, But Don’t Skimp on the Lawyer By Gail Vaz-Oxlade – Published January 12, 2015 Everyone knows divorce is expensive. According to Darren Gingras, President of the Common Sense Divorce (with which I am affiliated), the average divorce costs $15,000 to $25,000 depending on whether the courts have to get involved. Is it […]

10 Reasons Why People Separate in January

Divorce and Separation Why People Separate in January

January is the coldest month of the year in more ways than one.  The first month of the new year is also the time of year that most people start their divorce process and choose to separate. Perhaps there wasn’t much glue holding their marriage together anyway and now that the tinsel and stockings are […]

Can I Change The Locks on The Matrimonial Home?

Can I Change The Locks on The Matrimonial Home? 9

The Matrimonial Home Probably the number one question asked when people first separate, “Can I change the locks on our home?” If you lived in it with your spouse at the time of separation then your home is likely what is called a “matrimonial home”. Under the Family Law Act, a matrimonial home is defined […]