Financial Disclosure Platform
Created by Family Law Professionals for Family Law Professionals

Designed for Lawyers, Mediators, and Financial professionals.
Manage client financial disclosures on a secure platform.

Innovation For Industry Leaders

Part of the Ontario Professional Innovation Initiative, the Financial Disclosure is a secured platform designed to assist family law professionals to standardize processes and organize, manage, and complete financial disclosures.

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Try The Financial Disclosure Process

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Simplified Financial Disclosure For Your Clients

Financial Disclosure streamlines the disclosure process into simplified language, intuitive questionnaires, and bite-sized steps, that help your clients keep on top of what is required of them.

This means complete financial disclosures done quicker, with less drama and completed correctly, the first time. It’s that simple.

Increased Productivity for Professionals

Financial Disclosure takes time not only of the client but also of the professionals involved.  Automating your financial disclosure process means less client complications, less administrative headaches, reduced liability risks and increased productivity.

Simply link your clients to your online Disclosure Interview, then review and validate documents as they are uploaded. One click either approves documents or sends them back to your client.  All your client communications are  tracked and easily recorded, and documents are assembled and collated for your documents.

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Professional Collaboration

Sharing of documents between clients and between, lawyers, mediators and financial professionals has never been easier.  Then, send handshakes to trusted professionals with the approval of your client.

No more additional courier expenses, printing costs, or documents being lost in transit. Financial Disclosure’s secured “handshake” process allows you to instantly share, with client consent,  financial disclosure files with other professionals.

Financial Disclosure is 24/7 access from any browser.

72 %
Faster Completion
94 %
Expense reduction
100 %
Data Security

data security

IBM encrypted servers ensure complete data security for professionals and their clients.


Handshakes improve the financial disclosure process by giving file access to trusted professionals.


Simple interfacing allow professionals to verify financial documents and information easily.


Automatically generate legal statements based on information provided in the financial disclosure.

Simplifying Unnecessary Complexity

Whether you’re a sole practitioner or a large firm, we’ve got the perfect plan for you.


For Sole


(billed annually)

  • Single User
  • up to 40 files annually
  • unlimited Handshakes

Practitioner Plus

For practitioners
plus an assistant.


(billed annually)

  • 2 Users
  • up to 60 files annually
  • unlimited Handshakes


For small teams
(3 to 5 staff.)


(billed annually)

  • 3 - 5 Users
  • up to 100 files annually
  • unlimited Handshakes


For large teams
(6 to 9 staff.)


(billed annually)

  • 6 - 9 Users
  • up to 200 files annually
  • unlimited Handshakes

Member of the OAFM? Contact your association to see membership fee is included in our plans.

Ready to innovate financial disclosures?

Join ODIN’s Financial Disclosure platform and collaborate with the hundreds of legal and financial professionals already elevating their practice.


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