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The Common Sense Divorce is about planning your new future
without giving all of your hard earned resources to the family law system.

A better Separation is not just about staying out of court.  Its about creating a PLAN: a Financial Plan, a Children’s Plan, a Tax Plan, a Retirement Plan, …a Grandparents Plan…a ‘Buy a New Home’ Plan…an ‘I want to get out of debt’ Plan…an ‘I JUST WANT TO BE HAPPY AGAIN’ PLAN!

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The Divorce
Planning Session


The very first step! The Common Sense Divorce Planning Session is the best way to begin your separation, understand what is ahead of you and how to avoid costly mistakes.

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Invite Your
Spouse to the Table

starting at $949/month

The Common Sense Divorce is simply a better divorce solution. Be it our mediation, collaboration, or negotiation processes, we have the perfect Team to work with you and your spouse.

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…better than the messy,
expensive family law system.


The Ontario Family Law System is a mess. It’s too expensive, it’s too destructive and it takes too long! But with common sense, you can take divorce off the battlefield of the courts and into the negotiation room — meaning you’ll get through your separation faster, with more money in your pocket and with the opportunity to start a new chapter in your life.


The Common Sense Divorce will walk you through the separation process faster with far less emotional toil on you, your family, and your children.

Spend your money on what really matters

Save your money and put it towards a new car, a down payment on your next home, a rainy day fund or surprise the kids with a vacation!

A tailored plan that withstands the test of time

We do it right - the first time. The Common Sense Divorce adapts to your unique circumstances. You need a separation agreement that is not only legal, but also binding and enforceable!

We Mediate, We Collaborate, We Negotiate!

If you and your spouse are wise enough to work together towards a solution that saves you time, money and energy while achieving the same (if not more favourable) solution!


Traditional Litigation

Plan that it will take, on average, 1-3 years to litigate - even longer if you go to trial! That's a lot of wasted time and unnecessary stress

It's Your Money

Don't let anyone fool you. The average price of a litigated separation in Ontario is $15,800 per person. Go to court and the price jumps to $26,900!

Separation agreements that make things worse

A home-made separation agreement is not worth the paper it's written on. It opens the door to even bigger 'live-ache' down the road when your agreement isn't legally binding or enforceable 

"Litigation" does not mean "Justice"

Litigation pits one spouse against the other with no guaranteed outcome except a lengthy, expensive emotional roller-coaster ride.


Separation feels like everyone is losing. Mates lose their great loves. Kids lose access to parents. Couples lose their happily-ever-afters. Worst is when it feels like you are losing control, losing direction and losing money! Our process works! It’s proven itself with hundreds of Ontario families! We are a premier team of mediators, lawyers and financial experts that work together to help you negotiate a better future.

Invest in putting your separation behind you


After you have completed a Divorce Planning Session, we will help you choose the option that best fits your situation. We are confident we can create an equitable process that will save both of you money, minimize hostility and create an agreement that will allow you to build a better future for you and your family.