Family Mediation Richmond Hill

Family mediation and Collaborative Law services in Richmond Hill Ontario.  The Common Sense Divorce provides amicable, kid focused and cost effective divorce services.

Richmond Hill Mediation Services

Chances are you are searching Mediation Services in Richmond Hill, not by accident.  You are researching divorce options and you are looking at mediation because it is more amicable, more kid friendly and more cost effective than traditional family law litigation.  because

Scouring the Internet looking for suitable Richmond Hill Mediation Services, means you are planning for an unforeseen future and in that you should be looking at what we have to offer at The Common Sense Divorce.

The Family Mediation services offered by the Common Sense Divorce are top notch and headed up by individuals who are not only leaders in the Family Mediation and Dispute Resolution (ADR), but they are kind, intelligent and very talented professionals.

All of our mediation teams are members of the Ontario Association for Family Mediation (OAFM), The Family Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario (FDRIO) or the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts (IDFA).

Our Richmond Hill Mediation process includes not only the family mediator but also sessions with a certified divorce financial analyst (CDFA) who will help your address the financial and tax implications of your Separation Agreement, as well as your own family lawyer who will provide you with independent legal advice (ILA). 

Our Richmond Hill Family Mediation Teams create Separation Agreements that are not only legal in Ontario, but enforceable and binding.  


Every couple faces unique challenges.
Understand how separation will affect you,
your children, your finances and your future.



Richmond Hill Collaborative Law Processes

Sometimes, the complexity of the issues or the hostility between partners, means that a couple needs the extra help of specialized negotiating professionals to keep them out of family court.  

For these couples we recommend our Richmond Hill Collaborative Law Processes, also known as Collaboration, or Collaborative Family Law. From the Richmond Hill locations of The Common Sense Divorce Richmond Hill we provide a full team of collaborative legal, financial and mediations professionals that are specially trained to work together to assist you and your spouse to come to a resolution and create a Separation Agreement.

People make HUGE, expensive mistakes because they don't