Lawyer Led Negotiations

Medium to High Conflict

$5995 per person

For individuals who require the assistance of a negotiating lawyers to represent their specific interests because their spouse has chosen their own legal process.

This package includes:

Financial Disclosure Session
Financial Disclosure Court Documents
Parenting Plan
Child Support Calculations

Negotiation Sessions (12 hours)

Sale/Transfer or Home Plan
Separation of Asset Strategies
Access to Realtor & Mortgage Services
Lawyer Drafted Separation Agreement

Process Characteristics:

Legal, Binding & Court Enforceable
Professional Involvement
Personal Control
Speed of Process

This Package is suitable for:

Years MarriedAny number of years
Level of ComplexityMid to High
Level of ConflictMid to High
Minor Kids Children✓/✖️
Required Spousal ParticipationSingle

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