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Child Support in Ontario

In Ontario, children have the right to financial support from both of their parents. If you and the other parent do not live together, you MUST share the costs of caring for your children. This is NOT a “maybe”, or a “possibly”… it is the Law of Ontario.

As well, Child Support is NOT negotiable. You cannot decide not to pay it. You cannot decide that your ex-spouse does not have to pay. Nor can you negotiate on the amount.  Child Support is a right of the child, not a right of the parent. If you are separating (Married or Common Law) and have children, you will be paying Child Support.

The only issue remaining is whether you will be transferring any of this Child Support to your ex-spouse. This is decided using a provincial child support calculator, that will compare both parent’s income, the guidelines in the province the child lives in and where (and how much) the child resides with each parent. Depending on these calculations, any differences in support will be transferred back or forth between the parents.

Child support will continue until your child turns 18, marries or is completed school (including post-secondary education).

The Common Sense Divorce is a specialized mediation process that specifically emphasises the financial aspect of your separation so you can be comfortable that you are making smart financial decisions for you and your children, properly planning for your financial future and making sure you are not paying unnecessary CRA taxes because of a poorly prepared Separation Agreement.