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Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Common Sense Divorce?

The Common Sense Divorce is an amicable separation process that values your future and gives equal priority to your financial, legal and emotional well-being. Our Team of Professionals will help you and your spouse create a Separation Agreement that is negotiated fairly, prepared properly, financially-wise and is both enforceable and binding.

Why is The Common Sense Divorce better?

The Common Sense Divorce is about creating a plan that allows you and your family to make decisions, protect your assets, and move on with your life. 

Our Negotiated Settlement Solution will help you avoid the expensive mistakes and emotional landmines that can escalate your file and throw your life into a costly, bitter and nasty divorce. Why does The Common Sense Divorce work?

  • Because families are kept out of court
  • Because expensive mistakes, costly emotional reactions and bad financial decisions are avoided
  • Because chaos is confusing but common sense… makes sense
  • Because we care about you, your spouse and your family
  • Because an amicable process is less intimidating, enables negotiation and is more lasting

Every couple faces unique challenges.
Understand how separation will affect you,
your children, your finances and your future.

DO NOT BEGIN NEGOTIATIONS UNTIL you understand your situation, your rights, your potential complexities.

Why should I avoid Family Law Court?

Though there will always be a time and place for court, be hesitant to put your faith in the fairness and equanimity of the family court system. The Ontario court system is expensive, frightfully over-burdened and often abused. Ultimately, relying on the courts is to hand the decision-making process over to a third-party that may not decide in a way that you assume.

Who is The Common Sense Divorce for?

The Common Sense Divorce is for couples beginning their separation. Our process is for couples who wish to keep their separation process amicable and are committed to keeping their separation out of court.

Is The Common Sense Divorce the CHEAPEST way to get a divorce?

The Common Sense Divorce is not a “discount divorce service.” Our clients save money and time by completing the separation process the proper way… right from the beginning. Our “One Stop Shop” Team of collaborative professionals will lead you through the separation process quickly and efficiently, helping you transition into your new life while keeping as much of your hard-earned money out of the court system and in your own pockets.

Make Smart
Money Decisions
I'm not sure what to do?
I've never managed the money...
How do I plan for MY future?
Bag Lady Syndrome
(syn) or 'Street Guy Syndrome'
NOUN - The fear that one will become financially destitute after a divorce.
Family Mediation with a Financial Twist
“For most people divorce is less about legalities and more about finances, tax implications and making smart money decisions. This is why we started The Common Sense Divorce." – Gail Vaz-Oxlade
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What is Mediation?

Mediation is a confidential, non-adversarial process through which divorcing spouses can together negotiate their own settlement with the aid of an impartial third-party: the mediator. The Mediation environment often facilitates creativity, flexibility and fair negotiations that are often unreachable through traditional legal negotiations.

What is Collaborative Divorce?

A Collaborative Divorce is one in which a very specialized team of negotiating lawyers and financial specialists facilitate you and your spouse to work together at a negotiation table and to keep your divorce out of court.

What is an Uncontested Divorce?

“Uncontested” means that there are no more scenarios to be resolved in writing. If you have minor children, if you have assets to be divided, if you have joint debts, you are NOT an uncontested Divorce. The Common Sense Divorce offers a simple divorce services for those that meet this criteria.

Do both spouses have to use The Common Sense Divorce?

While Family Mediation does require voluntary participation from both spouses, it is not necessary for both parties to use The Common Sense Divorce. We see the tremendous merit to a mediated file but mediation is not for everybody. In cases where mediation is not an option for a couple, we do offer lawyer-led negotiation options in scenarios where only one spouse is retained.

What To Expect When You Call The Common Sense Divorce 1-866-748-6363

Separation Agreement

Not everyone is ready to talk with someone in person.  You can call the Common Sense Divorce at anytime and hear a pre-recorded 2 min message about our services.

We will gladly take the time to speak with you about our services and the divorce process in Ontario.  The Common Sense Divorce offers a free 20 min telephone assessment and consultation.

We understand that this is a difficult time and calling us is a big step.  We are going to work hard to make this phone call easier, make you feel at ease and make sure that we respect your privacy.

We understand that you may be just researching and have not made any decisions.  We do not assume that because you are calling, that this means you are divorcing.

Do we have to approach The Common Sense Divorce together?

No, it is actually more typical for one spouse to contact us first. Whether you contact us on your own or as a couple, our clients are initially met with individually. Even if you have not yet discussed the separation process with your spouse, call The Common Sense Divorce and we will discuss inviting your spouse to the negotiation table.

How can this process be neutral if you are working with both spouses?

The Common Sense Divorce is a team-driven process. Our professionals work with both spouses in order to facilitate the best interests of the family as a whole (ie. financial specialists). At other times in the process you will require professionals that must maintain neutrality (ie. mediators) and eventually you will require professionals that must maintain your interests only (ie. lawyers). All such scenarios are accounted for and our process is established to ensure that there are no conflicts of interests and that each client’s best interests are maintained.

My partner and I are not amicable with each other, can we still use The Common Sense Divorce?

Divorce does not bring out the best in people. We know this. Most couples facing divorce are not 100% amicable with each other.  The Common Sense Divorce was designed to be just that… “Common Sense.” We have a number of negotiation options available to facilitate various levels of animosity. Rest assured that our professionals are trained to deal with conflict as it arises and prepared to facilitate an amicable resolution.

Does The Common Sense Divorce use lawyers?

The Common Sense Divorce ensures that each client’s process and separation agreement is executed correctly and prepared properly. Therefore The Common Sense Divorce Team of mediators, therapists, and financial specialists partner with family lawyers that are committed to The Common Sense Divorce process.

Where is the Common Sense Divorce located?

Common Sense Divorce Locations: