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We have assisted thousands of clients, just like you, in the past decade.  Find out more common sense Divorce Resources for Ontario, practical separation wisdom and what the Canadian Media has been saying about us.

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When separation is happening its easy to make quick, rash emotional decisions. Take a breath. Do some research. The time you invest now will save you money, time and emotional drama. Check out these great Ontario Divorce Resources.

Family Mediation and Divorce Court Costs

What is a CDFA?

Imagine heading out for a night of dancing in your rain boots. Awkward. How about trying to shovel two feet of snow in stiletto heels.

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Cost of Divorce Court

The Real Cost of Divorce Court

There is a time and a place for court, but know that if your divorce goes to court…it is going to get expensive. Sometimes the only way we can get through to folks is to put words into dollars and cents. Going to court will be expensive…very, expensive.

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Divorce Advise

What Made Me Finally Ask For a Divorce?

I think about divorce, a lot. Do I ask for a divorce? How do I make a decision? What if this is a mistake? How can I be sure? A part of me still loves him or at least I care for him, but don’t think I am in love with him. I need divorce advice.

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The Unofficial Rules of Divorce:

  1. Divorce gets prickly, even in the most amicable situation
  2. It’s often less about the legalities and more about the money
  3. People make expensive mistakes because they don’t make a plan
  4. Before you do anything, understand your rights, obligations & complexities

Ontario Divorce Resources - OUR STORY - Separation Help

Divorce Resources Separation Help 26

Our Story

Long before divorces, our roots reaches back to our core years in the financial industry. Seemed like every day we were hearing stories of separating families spending tens and tens of thousands of dollars to be led through legal divorce processes that left them emotionally broken, mentally defeated and financially destroyed. Surely there had to be a better divorce?

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Our Raison d’être

Our founders, along with financial TV personality Gail Vaz-Oxlade started asking how do we take a process that can be so fundamentally destructive and somehow make a better divorce?  We put our heads together and started investigating, researching and talking to other financial experts, lawyers, mediators, therapists and social workers. By 2009 The Common Sense Divorce was created.

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Our Mission

It’s not usually legalities that cause the drama. It’s almost always the money. We understand money! That’s why we’re really good at understanding splitting up.

We know a better divorce. We know how to empower people in the middle of life’s challenges. How to reach new goals and find fuller potential. We’re all about our clients.  We create solutions and we prepare our clients for new futures. 


Our Team Magic

Let’s not sugarcoat it! Divorce is difficult work and there are days when work can be really, really hard. But our team is special.

Our core values of wisdom, experience, quality, integrity, common sense, balance, care, empathy and yes, even kindness are lived by our team every day. Our values lie at the heart of our unique company culture.

Divorce Resources

What The Media Has To Say About The Ontario Family Law System

“Canadian Lawyer magazine’s survey on legal fees, shows that the national average estimated cost for a two-day trial is now more than $30,000. The average cost of a contested divorce was $12,000 per party.” But to get to that trial, the average cost was more than $45,000 per party."

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How to Avoid A Messy Divorce

  1. Seriously consider mediation before lawyer litigation
  2. If at all possible, stay out of the Family Courts
  3. Gather and organize your financial documents
  4. Do your homework, understand how divorce works in Ontario