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10 Steps That Make The Common Sense Divorce a Better Way.


FREE Consultation

Set up an telephone appointment to talk to us.  We will give you direction regarding your situation and tell you about what we do.  You can call as an individual or you can call with your spouse on the phone. 


Discovery Session

This is the most important meeting of your separation. Making a Plan is everything! This first meeting is with you individually or as a couple. We will take the time to discuss your personal story and make sure that you both understand how separation works in Ontario!  You will understand your rights, responsibilities and obligations and most importantly, the negotiation options available to you. We’ll initiate your financial plan, get you started gathering your documents and immediately put in place a credit protection plan.  

Financial Disclosure & Analysis

Before dividing possessions and debts, the law requires everyone to gather all the financial information and look at the big picture. Do we have everything? Do we all know the proper values? Right from the beginning we gather and organize all this financial information so you can fly through the next steps without delays.



The Parenting Plan

Creating a Good Parenting Plan is at the heart of co-parenting later on.  In this session we will walk you and your spouse through all of the important Parenting conversations. Where will the kids will sleep each night? How will our children spend time with each parent? How will we deal with schedules and how we are going to financially support our children together?

Financial Strategies Session

The Common Sense Divorce is a Financial Plan that requires smart, financial analysis! Dividing up your family’s hard-earned assets is more than just pulling out the scissors and cutting them in half. Our Divorce Financial Specialist will bring you financial wisdom, play out financial scenarios /tax scenarios and ensure that your Separation Agreement makes good money sense.



Negotiation Sessions

In your final mediation sessions you and your spouse will negotiate everything that needs to be dealt with; spousal support, pensions, the family home, mortgages, access to grandparents and anything else that needs to be nailed down. We will make sure everything is covered, help you to generate creative solutions and make the plan for moving on with the rest of you life.


Drafting Sessions

At this point you are nearing the end of your separation process.  Your mediator will take the time to draft a memo of understanding (MOU) of everything that was agreed on during your negotiation session.  That MOU will be passed to a neutral family lawyer who will review your draft agreement and formalize it into a proper Separation Agreement.


Legal Review

It is important that your Separation Agreement is not only legally prepared in Ontario, but also legally enforceable and legally binding.  Part of the way this is accomplished is by making sure that your agreement is reviewed by a lawyer representing your interests.  You will be connected to your own family lawyers will meet with you online and give a legal opinion on your Agreement and make sure that the final copy is drafted in a way that best reflects each of your intentions.


Signing Session

Lastly your Separation Agreement will need to be signed by both you and your spouse.  We will coordinate with both of you to sign and finalize your formal Separation Agreement. Once your Separation Agreement is signed you will have a formal copy that can be used to apply for mortgages, file with the courts or utilize as applicable.

Uncontested Divorce Decree

How Separation Works in Ontario: One year after your date of separation and now that you have all of the marriage’s parenting, financial, property, and support matters properly dealt with in your formal Separation Agreement then you can apply for an Uncontested Divorce. This is the final step in the divorce process. 


Nothing About This Is Easy

Let’s not pretend, this process isn’t easy. But we make it easier. A clear process that works for you, your spouse, and your children will make a difference in all of your lives for years to come. The best advice? Do it the right way, right from the beginning.  Your first step is to call us for your free consultation.  We can help.