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What Makes The Common Sense Divorce a


Prep and Planning Session

Making a Plan is everything! We first meet with you individually to discuss your personal story in a safe and private environment.  DO NOT start any process until your understand how separations works in the province of Ontario! This includes understanding your rights, responsibilities and obligations and most importantly and how to move forward with the correct negotiation process that is most applicable to you and your spouse.

We assess your overall situation and put a clear plan in place before you start spending money. We’ll initiate your financial plan, get you started gathering your documents and immediately put in place a credit protection plan.  

Financial Disclosure & Analysis

Before anyone starts dividing assets, let’s first gather all the financial pieces and look at the big picture. Do we have everything? Do we really know the proper values?

It’s important to understand that not all assets are the same. Even assets of similar face value may have completely different cash values or tax implications. This requires smart financial analysis.

Disclosure is a process of instilling trust and reducing unnecessary concerns so you can make wise money decisions. We gather and organize all this financial information so you can fly through the next steps without delays.



The Negotiation Team

The Common Sense Divorce is faster and less expensive than going to court! The magic of the Common Sense Divorce is that we use the right professional for the right services. Financial Professionals to deal with the numbers, Mediators to negotiate the terms and Lawyers to review the final Agreement.

The Common Sense Divorce gives you a control of the process. Our clear, straight forward process is proven to minimize negative impacts on children and encourages creative solutions. We are experts at problem solving and generating options .

Financial Strategies

The Common Sense Divorce is a Financial Plan! Dividing up your family’s hard-earned assets is more than just pulling out the scissors and cutting them in half. This is a financial plan that allows you to retire on schedule, ensuring that you can still qualify for a mortgage and making sure that Revenue Canada is not getting more than their due share.

Our Divorce Financial Specialist will give you financial wisdom, play out financial scenarios and ensure that your Separation Agreement makes good money sense.



Legal Wisdom

When you and your partner have agreed to all of the issues that need to be dealt with, your negotiations are written into a legal contract called the Separation Agreement. It is important that your Separation Agreement is not only legally prepared in Ontario, but also legally enforceable and legally binding.  Part of the way this is accomplished is by making sure that your agreement is reviewed by a lawyer.  A lawyer will give a legal opinion on your Agreement and make sure that the final copy is drafted in a way that best reflects each of your intentions.

Uncontested Divorce Decree

How Separation Works in Ontario: One year after your date of separation and once all of the marriage’s parenting, financial, property, and support matters have been properly dealt with, then you can apply for an Uncontested Divorce.

This is the final step in the divorce process. After your Uncontested Divorce applications have been filed with the courts, you will be granted your Divorce Decree.


Simplified Separation How It Works 1

The Unofficial Rules of Divorce:

  1. Divorce gets prickly, even in the most amicable situation
  2. It’s often less about the legalities and more about the money
  3. People make expensive mistakes because they don’t make a plan
  4. Before you do anything, understand your rights, obligations & complexities

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