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Gail Vaz-Oxlade: Let's Talk About Divorce and Kids

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You know…divorce is not the worst thing that can happen to children. Living in a very stressful household – that’s way harder than living through a divorce.

Kids always know when there is something wrong and even when their parents stay together, kids are affected by the tension in their parents’ relationship. In fact, listening to parents argue can be far more stressful than actually living through their divorce. If the children’s home life before the divorce was less than ideal, believe me, they will be sighing with relief when everything finally straightens itself out.

Children tend to do very well when their parents seem to be doing very well (another good reason for an amicable divorce).

Adapting to divorce is not as difficult for children as most parents think it will be. Most parents project their emotional response to the divorce onto their kids! Let your kids respond naturally to the changes that are happening, explain what you are doing at each step of the process and remember, treat your ex-partner with respect! That respect will indicate to your kids that you’re both finding new happiness.

It’s sad, but sometimes unhappy parents take their feelings out on their kids. Get a divorce, get on with your respective lives, and give your child a chance at a real childhood.

When the time is right, call us first to find out how The Common Sense Divorce can help you and your spouse avoid costly mistakes and get your separation process started off on the right foot.

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