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Child Expenses in a New Relationship

Ask The Expert: Child Expenses in A New Relationship

J Writes:  I am a single mom and have decided to take the next step with my boyfriend. We are moving in together. I know that couples are supposed to split finances when moving in together. They split it by a percentage of income. What happens when children are involved? He thinks he should pay one quarter of the child expenses. He also feels he should not pay any additional costs like community fees or insurance because I own the house, not him.

“How do you split child expenses when entering a new live-in relationship?”

Gail Vaz-Oxlade Says:

Split out the “kids’ only” child expenses (some food, clothes, extra curricular etc.) and put them into their own budget. Then split the rest of the costs as if you’re a couple.

As for not paying insurance/community fees, these are part of the shelter component, so he should most certainly contribute. Or you could come up with a “rent” amount for a home like the one you’re living in and he can contribute his share of that.