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Christian Divorce in Toronto

christian divorce

Statistical findings tell us  that unfortunately faith and religion itself cannot insulate people from the stresses that pull at the fabric of all our marriages.  But faith can help us to face our realities and help us start our new lives.

Statistically, divorce is a reality for people of faith. It’s comparable in number to the amounts of people who do not practice your faith. Yes… many Catholics, Baptists, Pentecostals and Mormons divorce. 

What may be unique to Christians, is that for people of faith, Christian divorce often comes with added stigma that can be confusing and difficult to navigate. Often there are theological difficulties, family and community expectations. All are mixed with personal faith views that are being directly challenged, if not assaulted. For many, Christian divorce, can be a crisis of faith.

Organizations that deal with christian divorce, must also wade through these extra challenges that faith can bring to the divorce process. They are often expected to help people answer many of these difficult questions. 

Many of these challenges cannot be answered by legal processes. They will remain as challenges that have to be dealt with through personal reflection. You may want to seek the assistance of clergy or a counselor of your choice.

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How to Avoid A Messy Divorce

  1. Seriously consider mediation before lawyer litigation
  2. If at all possible, stay out of the Family Courts
  3. Gather and organize your financial documents
  4. Do your homework, understand how divorce works in Ontario


When Christians divorce, often there can be confusion about the role of the professional retained to assist the couple. Is the professional retained, as a “Reconciler of marriages” or are they a service that assists people to end their marriage

It is difficult if not impossible to be both. To be practically helpful and in fairness to both spouses, professionals that address divorce must offer clarity on both their role and their process and clearly define the limitations of what they are being retained to deal with. 

When you retain a divorce service, they are not marriage counselors and there is an inherent assumption that you have already considered marriage counseling, spoken with your church and taken the time to process your decision. 

Credible family mediators will always make sure that you have considered these options before moving forward with a divorce. They will ensure that you understand the steps you are taking.

Christian Divorce and Family Mediation

Mediation Packages and Negotiation Processes

Stay out of Family Court

One STOP Mediation Bundles
& Negotation Processes

We understand that every family situation is unique. The importance of a clear Plan and a defined process is crucial to minimizing emotional drama, keeping your separation cost effective and staying out of court.

The Common Sense Divorces includes the mediators, lawyers and financial professionals needed to create a money smart, financially savvy Separation Agreement that is not only legal, but also binding and enforceable.

Whether your situation is straightforward or complex, amicable or acrimonious, The Common Sense Divorce offers numerous Mediation Bundles and Negotiation Processes to assist you and your spouse.
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Child Focussed

Parenting Plans

Parenting Plans

A great child-focussed Co-Parenting Plan is your kid’s best shot at a successful resolution to all that is happening around them.

WE CARE ABOUT KIDS! Divorce has likely turned your kid's world upside down. Together, we can help you and your ex preserve your children’s need to feel stable, secure and loved by you both... while successfully understanding how to co-parent together moving forward.
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The Matrimonial Home

Buying, Selling and Mortgages

The Matrimonial Home

Regardless of whose name is on the title or whether it was owned before you married, if this is the home that you and your spouse have been living in, it is the matrimonial home and it will be divided between you.

The Common Sense Divorce brings a whole team of Realtors, Mortgage Brokers & Real Estate Lawyers to help you plan your next steps.
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Money Smart
Tax Smart

Financially Savvy
Division of Assets

Smart Money Decisions

It can be hard to think about taxes and financial implications when the emotions are running high, but not all assets are created equal and it's not just about dividing everything down the middle.

Divorce is about money. And because we understand money, our Mediation process also includes specially trained financial professionals who will help you to understand the implications of divorce, money and taxes.

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Spousal Support

Options, Choices & Solutions

Spousal Support

No one wants to talk about Spousal Support, and we all understand that no one wants to pay it either. Still Spousal Support is a reality and is part of most divorces in Ontario when there is a difference of income levels.

However, when you looking a divorce from a financial perspective, there are ways to come up with support solutions that can be easier to live with.
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Financial Planning

Planning For
Your New Life

Financial Planning

It is not unusual for marriages to have one partner who manages the money, which inadvertently leaves the other person in the dark.

Divorce changes everything. It's now up to you and YOU alone to plan for your own financial future. If you are someone who has lived without a financial plan, then The Common Sense Divorce can help you to turn this time of transition into a time to financially recreate yourself as you move forward.
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