Code of Ethics and Professional Expectations

As professionals, we pledge to honour and support the beliefs, values, individuality, objectives and goals as expressed as “The Common Sense Divorce” and in the best interests of our client(s) so that they can grow and expand the areas of their personal lives as they have chosen.  In doing so we pledge to respect our client’s individual requirements, limitations and personal boundaries.  We will remain constructive and instrumental in any feedback or exchange between us and will put first only the well-being and expressed desires of our client(s) and at no time my our self-interest or personal gain as it pertains to the professional / client relationship.

We agree to maintain the confidentiality of our client(s) and the professional relationship. We will hold confidential the name(s) of our client(s), information about their personal and / or professional life, colleagues or related parties and not forward or share this information without the express written permission from the client.


We will provide assistance to clients only in the areas of our expertise. We will not offer guidance, advice or council in any specialised area in which we are not qualified or licensed. If it becomes apparent that the client has challenges or problems that are beyond our expertise, we will request that the client seek advice, council or services from a qualified professional to help them in that area. We will reserve the right to terminate the relationship until the client has done so if the challenge or problem impedes the forward movement of the coaching process.

We pledge to continually pursue our development as professionals by making a commitment to our own personal and professional  growth and exploration.

By participating as a Member Partner of the Common Sense Divorce,  all Member Partners shall commit to the following professional practices:

1 – Ethical Standards
Member Partners shall conduct their professional activities with honesty, integrity and professionalism, ensuring that they and their personnel are knowledgeable in the areas of your specific industry in which they participate. Furthermore, Member Partners shall act in compliance with sound business practices.

2 – Protection
Member Partners shall use their best efforts to protect clients and their parties to the divorce transaction against fraud, misrepresentation, unethical practices or other violations of this and your own professional Code of Ethics.

3 – Disclosure
Member Partners shall disclose to all appropriate parties: a) any real or perceived conflicts of interest; b) all material information; and c) any personal interest, direct or indirect.

4 – Confidentiality
4.1 – Member Partners shall hold in strict confidence any information arising from the professional relationship concerning the business and affairs of his or her Client, and shall not divulge that information unless the Member Partner is expressly authorized by the Client or required by law to do so.

4.2 – A Member Partner, acting for more than one party to a transaction shall not act to the detriment of any one of the parties by withholding material information.

5 – Competence
5.1 – Member Partners shall endeavor to be informed regarding the law, proposed legislation, and other essential facts relevant to public policies related to the services they provide.

5.2 – When a Member Partner is unable to render service in accordance with the standards required in this Code of Ethics, the Member Partner shall decline to act and refer the client back to The Common Sense Divorce Offices for referral to another Member Partner of appropriate expertise.

5.3 A Member shall provide timely service and respond on a timely basis to and from inquiries from other participant Member Partner in this client transaction.

6 – Advertising
All Member Partners shall apply, set and maintain standards of honesty, truth, accuracy, fairness and propriety in their own advertising and shall comply with the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards, as established from time to time by Advertising Standards Canada so as to not reflect negatively on other Members Partners.

7 – No Discrimination
Member Partners shall not, when acting in a professional capacity, discriminate or participate in discrimination against any person and shall be aware of the rights and obligations of the applicable Human Rights codes in the jurisdictions where such Member Partners conducts business.

8 – Laws and Regulations
Members shall conduct their activities in full compliance with all federal, provincial and municipal laws and regulations.