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Video: Let's Talk "Divorce Misconceptions"

Call us first to find out how The Common Sense Divorce can help you and your spouse avoid costly mistakes and get your separation process started off on the right foot.

Divorce Misconception #1: ‘Separated’ is the same as ‘Divorced’

This is incorrect. Yes, couples stay ‘separated’ for a really long time without actually getting divorced but if one of you (for example) dies, all the rules that apply to your marriage come into effect. If you don’t want your Ex to get some of your money when you croak, you’d better finalize your divorce.

Divorce Misconception #2: ‘Common Law’ is the same as ‘Married’

Wrong! Under Ontario Law, Common Law relationships do not have the same protections as people who are in a legally married relationship. If you’re in a Common Law relationship and you think you might be entitled to something in the separation, you may be surprised to find out that you, in fact, are not. So figure out what your rights are before you get into a separation.


Every couple faces unique challenges.
Understand how separation will affect you,
your children, your finances and your future.

DO NOT BEGIN NEGOTIATIONS UNTIL you understand your situation, your rights, your potential complexities.

Divorce Misconception #3: Same-sex Divorce is different from Opposite-Sex

Actually, same-sex marriages are treated the same as any other marriage. They fall under all the same rules, laws and guidelines.

Divorce Misconception #4: The Divorce Decree is the most important part of the Separation Process

A lot of people are under the impression that ‘just getting divorced’ is all there is to the whole separation process.

It’s not. Divorce is about more than just the ‘Divorce Decree.’

Believe me, the most important part of your separation is the Separation Agreement.

Your Divorce Decree is on the finalization of your divorce. But it is your Separation Agreement that sets the tone for what will happen once your divorce is finalized. With your Separation Agreement, you will be able to identify things like: whether you can take the children out of the country; whether you will be able to apply for a mortgage on your own; whether you will continue being liable for your partner or not. You want to make sure you have a Separation Agreement that nails down the terms and conditions of your divorce so that you know exactly where you stand.

If you are considering separating or getting a divorce, call us first to find out how The Common Sense Divorce can help you and your spouse avoid costly mistakes and get your separation process started off on the right foot.

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