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Avoid These Dumb Divorce Mistakes

People make all sorts of costly divorce mistakes throughout their divorce process. Many of these divorce mistakes result from a lack of good old-fashioned common sense fueled by a lot of unrestrained emotions.  Here are a few divorce mistakes that will come back to bite you.

Divorce Mistakes: Putting Your Lawyer on Speed Dial

Every time you contact your lawyer it costs you money, even in Ontario. Depending on the law firm, even a quick 2 minute phone call or seemingly insignificant email to your lawyer will be rounded up to the nearest 1/10, 1/5 or 1/4 of an hour. So don’t make one of the big divorce mistakes and make a point of contacting your lawyer only as necessary. In order to make your calls or emails as structured and to-the-point as possible, keep a list of your questions and ask them all at once. Your lawyer is neither your counselor nor your therapist so make sure the communications you exchange remain relevant to the legal proceedings of your separation and nothing more.

Divorce Mistakes: Avoiding Communications from your Divorce Professionals

Yes – divorce is an emotionally difficult time and sometimes it’s easier to just pretend the process isn’t happening. However once your divorce process is underway, don’t avoid responding to phone calls or emails from your divorce team. Don’t make it difficult for your Team to help you by making them have to hound you.


Every couple faces unique challenges.
Understand how separation will affect you,
your children, your finances and your future.


Divorce Mistakes: Hiding Assets From Your Ex

You might think you’re being clever by hiding assets (hidden bank accounts, investments, real estate) from your spouse, but this tactic is downright DUMB. This is one of the biggest divorce mistakes you can possibly make! Not only is it illegal on a SWORN financial statement, but if and WHEN you get caught you will lose all credibility and negotiation power. Just…don’t.

Divorce Mistakes: Creeping Your Ex on Social Media

Chances are, your Ex is trying to move on with his or her life after your separation. In an age of social media it’s easy to keep tabs on your Ex, but that doesn’t mean you should! Creeping your Ex post-split is one of the divorce mistakes that can truly cause you to lose your sanity…

Listen, you’re not helping yourself move forward with your life by creeping your Ex on social media. In fact, you’re fueling your own anger, resentment and bitterness by getting sucked into the online drama. If you’re finding yourself tempted to stalk your Ex on social media, consider taking a break from your online circles completely.

What To Expect When You Call The Common Sense Divorce

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Not everyone is ready to talk with someone in person.  You can call the Common Sense Divorce at anytime and hear a pre-recorded 2 min message about our services.

We will gladly take the time to speak with you about our services and the divorce process in Ontario.  The Common Sense Divorce offers a free 20 min telephone assessment and consultation.

We understand that this is a difficult time and calling us is a big step.  We are going to work hard to make this phone call easier, make you feel at ease and make sure that we respect your privacy.

We understand that you may be just researching and have not made any decisions.  We do not assume that because you are calling, that this means you are divorcing.

Divorce Mistakes: Parading Your New Sweetie Around in Front of Your Ex

If you have a new (or perhaps already-existing) love in your life, understand that their mere presence is going to make your Ex’s blood boil. You want to get through to the end of this process with your finances intact so you’re going to have to do whatever it takes to help keep emotions at bay on both sides of the negotiating table. If your new love really does love you, they’ll wait quietly in the wings until your divorce is finalized.

Divorce Mistakes: Using the Divorce to Punish Your Ex

Divorce is a legal proceeding to end a Marriage. It is not a Jerry Springer chair-fight. For the sake of your assets and your kids, treat your divorce like the business transaction that it is. Anything else is just another of the divorce mistakes that crop up in every process. And speaking of your children…

Divorce Mistakes: Using Child Custody as a Weapon

Using Child Custody as a weapon to bend your Ex to your will is a just terrible, and one of the worst divorce mistakes that The Common Sense Divorce sees. It’s a selfish tactic that will only end up hurting your children. All said, children need both parents in their lives.

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