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Divorce Financial Planning

Smart Money Planning - Moving Forward from Divorce

In most marriages, one partner has the responsibility when it comes to managing the money.  This inadvertently leaves the other person in the dark about a lot of financial matters.
When a marriage ends, the impact on your finances can be immense. Trying to get through divorce without understanding your money and your financial future is like trying to drive a car without a steering wheel.
You are starting a new phase of your life. You may or may not know how to pay bills, file your taxes or even balance a check book. But its you that needs to manage your finances from this day forward.
Separation or divorce brings an emotional blow that is often compounded by a financial hit. You’re going to need to pay the bills, arrange for your own mortgage and still plan for your retirement.  If the mention of “finances” makes you groan, then you need to be thinking about Divorce financial planning as a part of your divorce process
Start planning your money and your financial future now. 

Financial Planning as a Part of Your Divorce

Ironically, divorce is one of those few moments in life when our finances becomes front and central.  You are going to account for all of your money, debts and assets like you never have before or ever will again. 
At the end of this process, there is likely to be a lump sum of money that is going to be coming your way. It must be handled with wisdom.
If you’re not familiar with how the money flows in and out of the family coffers it’s time to step up to plate. Speak with a divorce financial planner that understands exactly where you are at this moment.
If you are someone who has lived without a financial plan, then take this time of transition to financially recreate yourself.  A new day, a new life, a new future.