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Financially-Focused Family Mediation
You decide the level of lawyer involvement.

Family Mediation

Low to Medium Conflict

Family Mediation Bundle

For Low to Medium Conflict couples that are committed to working together to keep your separation out of court system, keeping costs manageable and keeping the acrimony low.

The Family Mediation Bundle includes your family mediation sessions, your financial analysis process, and a Separation Memo of Understanding. The Family Bundle does not include lawyers and you each assume the responsibility of arranging own independent legal advice.

Full Service
Mediation Package

Low to Mid Conflict Separations

Full Service Mediation Package

For Low to Medium conflict couples who want make sure that everything is prepared properly and that their completed Separation Agreement is legal binding and enforceable according to the Laws of Ontario. These couples are committed keeping your separation out of the court system, keeping costs manageable and keeping the acrimony low.

The Full Service Mediation Package includes your family mediation sessions, your financial analysis process, AND your independent legal advice (ILA) with a family lawyer.

Collaborative Mediation Process

Mid to High Conflict Separations

Collaborative Mediation Process

Some files are more complicated, more acrimonious or involve power imbalances and their mediation process may require extra assistance, particularly from specially trained collaborative lawyers. The Collaborative mediation Process is for mid to higher conflict separations that still want to work together to keep the process out of court, keep the costs and keep the acrimony low.

Collaborative Mediation still includes your family mediation sessions, you financial analysis process, but also includes collaboratively trained family lawyers as part of the mediation sessions.

Lawyer Prepared
Uncontested Divorces

Low Conflict Divorce

Uncontested Divorce

An Uncontested Divorce means that your Separation Documents have been finalized, all issues have been addressed and you are ready to file for your divorce decree.

Whether you want to save some money with our DIY process or whether you would prefer that we take care of the court filings, the serving of papers and all of the running around, either way, our Lawyer can properly prepare your divorce decree applications.


Mid to High Conflict Separations


Not every situation can be dealt with in Mediation or perhaps your spouse is unwilling to consider Mediation or Collaborative Mediation.

We created our Lawyer Led-Negotiation Program for such individuals that come to us as half of a couple and who require the assistance of a negotiating lawyer who will represent their specific interests because their spouse has chosen another legal process.

Family Mediation Works!

Concerned that your situation is too complicated, too acrimonious or that you and your spouse are not able to work together?  The Common Sense Divorce offers numerous processes to assist even the most difficult files.

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I've never managed the money...
How do I plan for MY future?
Bag Lady Syndrome
(syn) or 'Street Guy Syndrome'
NOUN - The fear that one will become financially destitute after a divorce.
Family Mediation with a Financial Twist
“For most people divorce is less about legalities and more about finances, tax implications and making smart money decisions. This is why we started The Common Sense Divorce." – Gail Vaz-Oxlade

How Much
Will My
Divorce Cost?

How much does it cost to get divorce in Ontario?

How Much Does It Cost To Separate in Ontario?

Nobody is going to be able to predict right down to the penny how much its going to cost for you to separate... that ultimately comes down to you and your spouse.Still according to current research, the cost of an average divorce in Ontario is coming in at just under $27,000. DID THAT JUST SCARE YOU? It should! And unfortunately, nobody goes into a divorce planning to spend that kind of money (who has that kind of money??!)


The one's who spend this kind of money are the ones WHO DO NOT PLAN TO NOT SPEND THAT KIND OF MONEY! They lawyer up from day one and they threaten court. They are the ones who are avoidant or conversely they escalate matters unnecessarily. And more than anything else, they do not create their Separation Agreements properly, right from the beginning.

The cost of your divorce is going to be a combination of the following factors:
1) The level of acrimony and hostility between you and your spouse.
2) The willingness of you and your spouse to work together.
3) The Legal Process that you both choose to negotiate your Separation Agreement.
4) The amount and the complexity of your financial and property issues.
5) The extent that you include lawyers to assist you.
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Every couple faces unique challenges.
Understand how separation will affect you,
your children, your finances and your future.


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