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Gail is Canada’s no-nonsense, money expert. For more than 25 years you've witnessed her straight-up money wisdom, both on Radio and Television, most notably as host of TVs "Til Debt Do Us Part."


How to Avoid Expensive DIVORCE Mistakes

5 Things $mart People Get Right


Keep divorce out of court

#1 They Keep It…
Out Of Court!!!

Everything within you screams, “I’ll see you in court!” Friends and relatives are wanting you to ‘lawyer up!’ Don’t let emotions drive you into an expensive and emotional Court process. Don’t let anyone fool you, court means tens of thousands of dollars and years of emotional drama! There are options… lots and lots of options!

#2 They Spend the Money on A REAL
Separation Agreement

Yes you need a Separation Agreement… and yes you need a real one! Skimping on the actual agreement is probably the stupidest mistake people make when separating. Preparing, a real, legal, binding and enforceable Separation Agreement is the proverbial, “ounce of prevention that is worth a pound of cure.” This is likely to be the most important document you will ever sign. Do it right. Create it properly from the beginning!

Get a real separation agreement
The Importance of Money

#3 They Understand…
The Importance of Money

You’re on your own now. Understanding your money, knowing how it works and the tax & investment implications involved is vital to your financial future. Divorce is typically less about the legalities and more about the money! The secret in our sauce is our Divorce Financial Analysts that work with your mediation team to help you make smart, savvy financial decisions.

#4 They Use Lawyers
…Only As Needed!

Lawyers are an invaluable professional tool, but also the most expensive. Understand how other divorce professionals, such as Mediators, Divorce Financial Specialists, and Counselors can work together with a lawyer to save you money and make your separation easier. Do it right but stay within a budget!

Use lawyers only as needed
Make a plan so things don't go crazy.

#5 They Make a Plan…
So Things Don’t Go Crazy!!!

Separating without a plan is a recipe for hurting you, hurting your kids, your pocketbook and your future. Emotional Drama = money! Let’s be honest, divorce is tough, but a good plan, a good team and a good process makes separation a whole lot easier!

Every couple is different. Find out what information applies to you!

10 Seconds of Divorce Wisdom!

Tens of thousands of divorcing people make stupid, expensive mistakes every year.
Make wise legal decisions, be financially savvy, and money smart.

Ontario Divorce Costs


Let’s not pretend… separation is going to cost some money. Probably more than your wedding dress and likely closer to the cost of a vacation. But get your head wrapped around this…if it’s not done properly, it’s going to cost you a lot more for years to come. Just like anything else, you can budget what your divorce is going to cost. While there is no steadfast rule and no one has a crystal ball to see into your future. Use this simple guide to give you some perspective.

The cost of your divorce is going to be a combination of the following factors:

  1. The acrimony between you and your spouse.
  2. Your willingness to work together.
  3. The legal process used to negotiate.
  4. The complexity of financial and property issues.
  5. How much lawyer assistance you require.

The Common Sense Divorce
Our Financially Smart Divorce Solutions

Common Sense Divorce Plus

Mediation With
Extra Lawyer Assistance
$ 5995 Starting at Per Spouse
  • Financial Disclosure & Review
  • 4 Mediation Sessions
  • CDFA Financial & Tax Session
  • Separation MOU
  • 5 Hours Individual Legal Advice
  • Lawyer Drafted Separation Agreement
  • Divorce Application & Decree
  • Decree Application Court Fees

The Common Sense Divorce

FULL Bundled
Financial Mediation Package
$ $4995 Per Spouse
  • Financial Disclosure & Review
  • 4 Mediation Sessions
  • CDFA Financial & Tax Session
  • Separation MOU
  • Independent Legal Review
  • Lawyer Drafted Separation Agreement
  • Divorce Application & Decree
  • Decree Application Court Fees

Lawyer Led Negotiations

Litigation Retainer
$ $6995 Starting at - Per Spouse
  • Financial Disclosure & Review
  • 12 Hour Lawyer Retainer
  • Additional Legal Hours @ Discounted Rates
  • CDFA Financial & Tax Session
  • Court filing Fees
  • Lawyer Drafted Separation Agreement
  • Divorce Application & Decree
  • Decree Application Court Fees

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