What to do When There's More Value in Your House Than Your Marriage

By Garry Marr | The Financial Post | October 11, 2014

Quote from Darren Gingras – President of The Common Sense Divorce

The financial leverage on homes means couples have to be more financially strategic than ever when it comes to timing their divorce, says Darren Gingras, president of The Common Sense Divorce, a divorce consultancy firm.

“Whether or not you want to keep it amicable or not amicable, that’s your decision,” he says. But financially, “you’ve got to time when you’re going to leave” with care. “Even if [you] walked home and caught somebody in bed with somebody, if you don’t time this one, you’re going to be nailed with up to $100,000 in penalties. There are people now who’ve had to learn to suck it up.”

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