Quarantined With A Spouse When Separation Is On The Horizon

Quarantine Divorce Covid-19 Coronavirus Divorce

Dealing with the prospect of a separation & divorce is hard enough, let alone when everyone is under quarantine and forced to break the routines of our daily lives.

How To Divorce A Narcissist

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Serious difficulties and conflict arise quickly in narcissistic relationships. It’s very easy to fall in love with a narcissist, difficult to live with a narcissist and profoundly painful to leave one. Relationship instability is expected when personality pathology is present and a disproportionate number of narcissists get divorced. Divorcing a narcissist requires a unique personal strategy.

The Cost of Divorce

Cost of Divorce

The Cost of Divorce Should I Pay For My Spouse’s Divorce Fees? You and your spouse have recently made the decision to separate. You’ve done your research and have settled on a family mediation as the process you want to use to create your separation agreement. But what do you do when the cost of […]

Family Mediation Costs Less Than Divorce Court

Family Mediation and Divorce Court Costs

Family Mediation or Divorce Court? According to a recent Bank of Montreal InvestorLine study, the average cost of a wedding in Canada hovers around $31,110, honeymoon not included. Once the price of raising children is factored in, estimated at over $200,000 per child (don’t forget college or university education!), the cost of starting a family […]

6 Tips For Getting Your Spouse to Mediation

Getting Your Spouse to Consider Mediation

6 Helpful Tips For Getting Your Spouse To Consider Mediation If you are the one who has suggested divorce mediation to your spouse, there is a chance your spouse may resist the idea. When facing divorce, our spouse may mistrust your intentions, may be hesitant to anything you suggest, or may be avoiding any legal […]

What is Mediation?

What is Mediation? 4

Mediation is a more amicable divorce process where you and your spouse can together seek the assistance of a neutral family professional who will help you to create a Separation Agreement without going to court. Mediation is usually the fastest and most cost-effective divorce process and tends to help individuals to be better co-parents and […]

The Benefit to Keeping Your Divorce Out of Court

The Benefit to Keeping Your Divorce Out of Court 5

We hear from people facing divorce every day and are often asked for advice and thoughts on their particular situation. If there was one piece of advice I want to pass on to you, it’s about the benefit of working together with your soon-to-be-ex-spouse and keeping the divorce process as amicable as possible. “AMICABLE??!!  It’s […]

Importance of Cooperation During the Separation Process

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People think of divorce as a legal issue only but for many, divorce is a financial issue and there are financial repercussions for those that don’t plan.

Ontario Separation Agreements

Ontario Separation Agreements 6

Ontario Separation Agreements do not need to be dealt with in court in order to settle arrangements between you and your spouse.

How Do You Know If Your Marriage is Over?

Family Mediation and Divorce in Ontario

How do you know if your marriage is over or finally reached the point of no return? Every marriage is different, but here are 10 questions to ask yourself.