Mediation Streetsville

Family Mediation In Streetsville Ontario

You might very well be scouring the Internet for suitable Family Mediation Services today, but planning for unforeseen future needs means you should be looking at what we have to offer here at The Common Sense Divorce.

Of course the mediation services that you can get from us are top notch and headed up by our top qualified family  mediators who are all members of the Ontario Association for Family Mediation (OAFM), but we want you to know there’s more to what we offer.

We also are fully capable in matters of lawyer-led litigation and Family Collaborative Law, with access to CDFA (Certified divorce financial analysts) and family therapists. It’s all part of the well rounded Streetsville Mediation Services we have for you.


Every couple faces unique challenges.
Understand how separation will affect you,
your children, your finances and your future.


Streetsville Family Law Negotiations

Sometimes, there’s really no other way to mediate disputes and settle them than by using the services of our Streetsville lawyer-led services. We have staff members that are fully compliant in what our clients need when it comes to pursuing this legal option and we’d be happy to explain everything to you at a personal consultation.

Collaborative Law in Streetsville

We have processed hundreds of successful collaborative family law cases across GTA. Why not get in touch with us today if you’re having a family law issued that seems to be more complex than mediation but in which you want to keep the negotiations out of court, Collaborative family law may be the perfect solution in Streetsville Ontario.