The Ontario Divorce Information Network

The Common Sense Divorce is pleased to be a founding partner and core sponsor of the Ontario Divorce Information Network.

The Ontario Divorce Information Network (ODIN) is a Free Divorce service for Ontario residents researching separation and divorce in the Province of Ontario. The ODIN Platform is an access to justice, research and development program funded in part by the Province of Ontario, the Ontario Centre of Excellence and the National Research Council of Canada.

The ODIN Platform is committed to dispute resolution processes and will provide you with access to information, better personalized and customized to your unique situation, as well as connect you with professional services in your area.

Divorce Glossary

Divorce Resources

Prepare personalized reports, calculate support payments and organize your thoughts. Access innovative technologies to assist you.

Research resources:
The information, articles and videos you need to better understand the legal realities of separation and divorce in Ontario.

Access to professionals:
The Common Sense Divorce offers a full spectrum of professionals – to help you tap into experience, generate options and find solutions.

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Guides and Instructions

Step by step:
From researching to separating assets to filing your divorce, instruction and process article to guides you through each step.

Divorce solutions: 
How to Survive Your Divorce Better! - Bundled and unbundled separation services that are better for kids, tax savvy and money smart.

Uncontested divorce:
Online application to prepare your court documents and provide you with complete instructions for filing your own uncontested divorce.