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Family Mediation in North York, Woodbridge, Vaughan

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Family Mediation North York Woodbridge Vaughan

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A clear 10-step process that walks you from start to finish. Mediation, legal wisdom, financial smarts, and your Separation Agreement all in one place.

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End-to-end online services. The latest legal-tech advances! Maximize your schedule, minimize conflict, utilize more professionals and access smart resources!

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Family Mediation in North York, Woodbridge and Vaughan

Family Mediation North York Woodbridge Vaughan

Keep your money in your family.

The Common Sense Divorce has been dealing with Toronto Divorce and Separation since 2009.  We have helped clients from North York, Scarborough, Mississauga, Kitchener/Waterloo, York Region and all over Ontario walk through their separation process without the high costs and negative emotions associated with the traditional legal system.

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“For most, divorce is less about legalities and more about finances, tax implications and making smart money decisions. This is why thousands have trusted The Common Sense Divorce."
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Mediation In North York Woodbridge Vaughan Ontario

The Common Sense Divorce difference:
Family divorce mediation with an emphasis on making smart financial decisions.

The Common Sense Divorce family mediation process is about control...

Mediation brings control and power to families as they deal with conflict. It’s about controlling the drama so things don’t escalate. It allows you to maintain control and ownership of your separation process. And most importantly, it’s about controlling costs and not letting legal fees get out of hand.
Couples work through their separation together and we help you keep it amicable. Our Mediation process has checks and balances that keep things on track, clear and fair. Mediation is all about cooperation, especially when it comes to your children.
The Common Sense Divorce is about taking control of your new future.

Family Mediation in North York Woodbridge Vaughan Ontario

You might very well be scouring the internet for suitable Family Mediation Services today, but planning for unforeseen future needs means you should be looking at what we have to offer here at The Common Sense Divorce.

Naturally, the mediation North York Woodbridge Vaughan services you can expect from The Common Sense Divorce are top notch and headed up by our top qualified family mediators, who are all members of the Ontario Association for Family Mediation (OAFM), but we want you to know there’s more to what we offer…

We are also fully capable in matters of lawyer-led litigation and Family Collaborative Law, with access to CDFA (Certified Divorce Financial Analysts) and family therapists. It’s all part of the well rounded North York Woodbridge Vaughan Mediation Services we have for you.

North York Woodbridge Vaughan Family Law Negotiations

The Common Sense Divorce has 7 convenient offices locations to assist you.  The Common Sense Divorce has helped thousands of people through their separations process.  To start, book your FREE telephone consultation.

Collaborative Law in North York Woodbridge Vaughan

Is your situation more complex or unique?  The Common Sense Divorce offers a unique and innovative process called “Collaborative Mediation” where the services of a family mediator work together with your own collaborative family lawyer.  Contact us today if your family law issue seems more complex than mediation but you want to keep your negotiations out of court. The Common Sense Divorce Collaborative family law services may be the perfect solution in North York Woodbridge Vaughan Ontario.

What It Means When Your Spouse Suggests The Common Sense Divorce


  1. Your spouse is wanting to keep your separation amicable, cost effective and out of Court
  2. The Common Sense Divorce is cheaper than lawyer litigation or the courts
  3. Family Mediation tends to be the faster divorce process
  4. Regardless. the courts will require you to consider mediation 
  5. The Common Sense Divorce has an EXCELLENT success rate
Family Mediation in North York Woodbridge Vaughan 1

What It Means When Your Spouse Suggests Mediation

  1. Mediation is typically cheaper than lawyers or the courts
  2. Mediation tends to be the faster divorce process
  3. The courts will require you to consider mediation first
  4. Mediation has an excellent success rate

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