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The Late Shift with Gail Vaz-Oxlade: Divorce, Mediation and Domestic Violence

NewsTalk1010 Toronto | The Late Shift with Gail Vaz-Oxlade

This evening, Gail devoted her entire show to the concept of divorce. Gail discusses her own experiences with divorce, overviews the history of divorce and chats with guests from The Common Sense Divorce:

  • The legal realities of divorce in Ontario: Darren Gingras (President of The Common Sense Divorce) and David Morneau (Family Lawyer)
  • Divorce mediation and its benefits for separating couples: Mary-Anne Popescu (Family Mediator)
  • Recognizing and getting out of an abusive relationship: Anne Sayers (Family Mediator)

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Divorce is expensive, but don’t skimp on the lawyer

By Gail Vaz-Oxlade | Metro News | January 12, 2015

Be aware that so-called ‘kitchen table’ agreements usually don’t pass court scrutiny. Photo: iStock

Everyone knows divorce is expensive. According to Darren Gingras, President of The Common Sense Divorce (with which I am affiliated), the average divorce costs $15,000 to $25,000 depending on whether the courts have to get involved. Is it any wonder people would rather DIY?

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Gathering Your Financial Information

If you and your spouse are considering divorce or you are in the beginning stages of your separation process, then it’s time to start collecting your financial information. Wherever possible, work with your spouse to complete your financial picture. Be honest and forthright. You gain nothing by hiding information or assets from one another.

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Avoid These Dumb Divorce Mistakes

Avoid These Dumb Divorce MistakesPeople make all sorts of costly mistakes throughout their divorce process. Many of these dumb divorce mistakes result from a lack of good old-fashioned common sense fueled by a lot of unrestrained emotions. On Newstalk1010’s Radio Show The Late Shift with Gail Vaz-Oxlade, Darren Gingras and Gail discussed the ‘dumb things’ people do during divorce that impede their progress and invariably drive up costs.

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Keeping Your Amicable Divorce…‘Friendly’

‘Amicable’ is just a fancy word for ‘friendly.’ An Amicable Divorce is considered to be a friendly and mutual agreement to end a marriage without serious disagreement.

The concept of a friendly divorce can seem counter-intuitive. The common perception of divorce is that that the ordeal must be wrought with conflict and animosity towards one another, but this simply is not true. You can manage your conflicts positively, or you can handle them negatively… It’s YOUR choice.

While well-intentioned, many who choose the amicable route when they enter into the divorce process sometimes (or often) find it difficult to keep the process amicable. Fights erupt; bitter remarks slip out; secrets bubble to the surface… You’re not going to be all smiles all the time. Divorce is an emotional ordeal and naturally, there are going to be disagreements. But when couples divorce amicably, they choose to do so for the sake of their kids, for their finances and for their own sanity. Continue reading “Keeping Your Amicable Divorce…‘Friendly’”

Five Reasons Why Divorce Mediation WORKS!

The goal of divorce mediation is the Separation Agreement.

One way or another, the agreement has to be written and formalized between you and your spouse. If you want to keep this process out of the court system and keep the process as amicable as possible then family mediation is likely the best route to go. Divorce Mediation WORKS if you and your spouse are willing to work together on a separation agreement that benefits everyone, including your kids.

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Divorce Expenses: Legal Fees vs. Mediation Costs

For couples that cannot rationally plan the ending of their marriage, the cost of their divorce can be 2-4 times more expensive than their wedding! According to Canadian averages, most people choosing to go the tradition family law route will spend at least $15,000 to $20,000 per person on their divorce. Hiring a reputable/quality lawyer is going to cost you in the neighbourhood of $350-$600 per hour. If you are planning to take your case to court, you can expect to pay $10,000 just to get the case into the beginning stages. Continue reading “Divorce Expenses: Legal Fees vs. Mediation Costs”

Talking to Kids about Divorce

 From Caring for Kids: Helping children cope with separation and divorce

If you are considering divorce, you are likely concerned about the effect it will have on your kids. The Canadian Paediatric Society says that when faced with divorce, your children may feel sad, confused, angry, guilty or worried about what will happen. How you handle the changes will be important for your child’s well-being. Continue reading “Talking to Kids about Divorce”

Divorce is NOT about Winning

All too often, couples who ‘duke it out’ in court fixate almost entirely on the ‘winning’ aspect. People fight their partner in court over a multitude of reasons – anger, pride, principles, revenge, or just because they think they’re supposed to! People may also fight because their friends, families or lawyers are egging them on and encouraging you to ‘make the nasty person pay!

Whatever the reason, couples that take their divorce to court are BOTH going to lose. The only winner is, well… the legal system. Continue reading “Divorce is NOT about Winning”

Gail speaks with Common Sense Divorce Client: ‘Daphne’

This Monday, on my radio show, I had the opportunity to speak with Darren Gingras and  “Daphne,” a client (whose name we changed) about her experience with the Common Sense Divorce. Have a listen to this clip of my conversation with Daphne and Darren Gingras: Continue reading “Gail speaks with Common Sense Divorce Client: ‘Daphne’”