Managing Grief in Divorce

divorce and grief

People think of divorce as a legal issue only but for many, divorce is a financial issue and there are financial repercussions for those that don’t plan.

Divorce is NOT about Winning

Divorce is NOT about Winning 1

All too often, couples who ‘duke it out’ in court fixate almost entirely on the ‘winning’ aspect. People fight their partner in court over a multitude of reasons – anger, pride, principles, revenge, or just because they think they’re supposed to! Instead of seeing divorce as a battle, you need to look at divorce as an agreement that allows both parties to move on in a way that both find fair and benefit the kids.

Child Expenses in A New Relationship

Better Divorce in Ontario

Child Expenses in a New Relationship Ask The Expert: Child Expenses in A New Relationship J Writes:  I am a single mom and have decided to take the next step with my boyfriend. We are moving in together. I know that couples are supposed to split finances when moving in together. They split it by […]

Family Mediation in A Hostile Divorce?

Family Mediation in A Hostile Divorce?

The Money Smart Divorce Solution Legal, Binding & Enforceable Separation Agreements Ask the Expert: Can we consider Family Mediation when there is hostility? Question: “My wife and I are proceeding with divorce.  I would like to consider divorce mediation, as it strikes me as the better way of moving forward, but to be honest, we […]

Is It Time To Consider Divorce?

When to consider Divorce?

Really, no one can tell you if it is time to consider divorce… only you hold that answer. Instead, as you read this article, listen to yourself. Listen to your answers. Feel what you feel. Ultimately the answer to your questions are already available to you and will likley become apparent as you take the […]

Divorce in Ontario The Gail Vaz-Oxlade Way

Divorce Checklist

Divorce in Ontario The Gail Vaz-Oxlade Way Divorce in Ontario can be a daunting and complicated matter. In the confusion and emotional hysteria, it’s easy to let money slip through your fingers. Did you know that Canada has one of the highest divorce rates in the world? Forty percent of Canadian marriages end in divorce. […]