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Gail speaks with Common Sense Divorce Client: 'Daphne'

This Monday, on my radio show, I had the opportunity to speak with Darren Gingras and  “Daphne,” a client (whose name we changed) about her experience with the Common Sense Divorce. Have a listen to this clip of my conversation with Daphne and Darren Gingras:

Daphne contacted us in January. Daphne’s husband had left her suddenly and moved across the country. There had been abuse. There was likely another woman. Daphne realized that all of the matrimonial debt was in her name to the tune of almost one million dollars in debt. There were even tax liens against her home.

All alone, Daphne was trying to cover close to $10,000 per month in payments even as she approached her retirement date. What would she do with her income dropping off? She was in a panic. The collection companies were calling.  She was trying to sell the house through a realtor that had assured her it was worth thousands more than it really was… and it wasn’t selling.  She had just taken a second mortgage hoping to buy herself some time until the sale.  Her teaching hours were being cut. To top it off, the day she called The Common Sense Divorce, the furnace went. She was in tears asking if we did divorces AND bankruptcies.

Daphne needed more than just the legalities of a divorce. She needed someone that would patiently hold her hand.  Darren told her that her that her life would be completely different in just one year. “Daphne,” he said, “we are going to make it, one small step at a time.” Then they set about making a plan.

In early August, Darren sat with Daphne finalizing the last details for her divorce. There were lots of tears again, but this time Daphne was crying tears of joy. As of Aug 16th, Daphne was completely debt free! Not only is her debt gone but The Common Sense Divorce team did it without destroying her credit. In fact, her credit score went up.

Daphne has completely turned around emotionally. She has opened up to new opportunities. She has accepted a teaching position abroad and is incredibly excited to be moving to China to teach in a University there for one year.

Daphne lives on a budget now… to the penny.  The legalities with her husband are far from done, but the difference is that now she is living well on her own income.  She is no longer dependent on the settlement that will eventually come from her spouse.  Instead that will go towards her retirement plan.

Daphne looks ten years younger.  She told Darren it was the absence of the stress she had been under.  She went on and on about how wonderful our team has been for her. Janice helped with the mortgage, David as her new realtor, James as her family lawyer, Carol as the client care coordinator, Geoff for the liens and real estate closing. And of course Darren, who walked her through every step in the process professionally and with a heart as big as the whole outdoors. When Daphne walked Darren out to his car she gave him a HUGE hug.

Sounds sappy, eh? That’s what happens when you help someone achieve something they thought they never could. I’ve experienced it over and over with the people I’ve worked with on TV. And now we’re doing it again with The Common Sense Divorce. I’m very proud of the team and I’m thrilled for Daphne.

As Darren says, “The Common Sense Divorce is not really about the actual divorce… for that is simply a service that must unfortunately be addressed.  Instead we walk people from grief to relief.  In reality we are all about transforming people’s lives.”

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