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Darren Gingras, President of The Common Sense Divorce gives his top five ways to reduce the costs of a divorce:

By Melissa Leong | Financial Post | March 1, 2014

National Post | Five ways to reduce the costs of a divorce

  1. Keep it amicable
  2. Understand your financial present and future
  3. Check your interactions with your lawyer
  4. Consider mediation
  5. Find a collaborative lawyer
According to Canadian Lawyer’s 2013 legal fees survey, the cost of an uncontested divorce ranges from $801 to $1,608. A contested divorce, meanwhile, can cost between $5,743 to $33,881. And if your case goes to court, you could face higher legal fees than that. This financial toll doesn’t include the possibility of child support and spousal…

Five ways to reduce the costs of a divorce

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Gail Vaz-Oxlade: Canadian best-selling financial author, host of TV’s ’till Debt Do Us Part, Princess and Money Moron and co-founder of the Common Sense Divorce.

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